grazing cows late summer

cattle enjoying late summer grass

Bluegrass Farm is situated near Lexington, VA with pastures, beautiful rolling hills and expansive views of the Blue Ridge and the Allegheny Mountains. Originally in the family dating back to 1805, the farm still has the pre-Civil War bank barn that the Brown’s have fully restored.

The beef at Bluegrass Farm is from cattle that are well cared for in a stress-free environment. The small herd enjoys a quiet quality of life and health seldom seen in today’s agriculture systems. Quality always outweighs quantity. These cattle never see a feed-lot or confinement areas where disease and stress are so common.

Bluegrass Farm cattle are 100% grass-fed and have never had grain. They are rotated to fresh grass and always have access to fresh water and shade. If you care about what you and your family eat and where it comes from, then you have come to the right place.